All Posts | May 2017

Up South 1: Majestic Mysuru

By on May 18, 2017

Hi There! After months of a tight schedule, and a few trip experiences (which I unfortunately couldn’t share), we’re back. This article belongs to a series of articles titled ‘Up South’. Recently, I covered a few places in Karnataka, India. It was a long trip, hence cannot be covered in a single article. Let’s start off with Mysuru.

Mysuru (formerly known as Mysore) situated in Karnataka, about 150 km from Bengaluru. My feel about Mysuru: Apart from being a well-known place of historical importance. You get to see a lot of British architecture in government and public offices. It is a home to many museums.

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All Posts | January 2017

Grooving with Mangroves at Pichavaram!

By on January 6, 2017

I can start with a hotshot introduction about Pichavaram, as it is hotshot for real. But I would first like to thank my friend Sourabh Dutta for suggesting that I should visit this place. It was worth all the efforts. Adding to the list of praises, this is the second largest Mangrove forest in the world. When did I go here? Oh doesn’t matter actually. Its worth visiting anytime of the year. Close to Pondicherry and just 12 km from Chidambaram, this was a part of my recent Pondy trip.

The journey to Pichavaram from Pondy was picturesque. We stopped enroute at a few local south Indian joints for lunch.

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All Posts | November 2016

Inside Gir-An Excursion

By on November 23, 2016

Sasan Gir forest has been flourishing with tourists throughout the year. Considered to be one of the hottest tourist spots in Gujarat, a lot of developments have recently taken place in this area. As Gir is one of these places close to my hometown and feels like home, I’ve never felt the need to go and explore it as a trip spot until recently.

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