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Grooving with Mangroves at Pichavaram!

I can start with a hotshot introduction about Pichavaram, as it is hotshot for real. But I would first like to thank my friend Sourabh Dutta for suggesting that I should visit this place. It was worth all the efforts. Adding to the list of praises, this is the second largest Mangrove forest in the world. When did I go here? Oh doesn’t matter actually. Its worth visiting anytime of the year. Close to Pondicherry and just 12 km from Chidambaram, this was a part of my recent Pondy trip.

The journey to Pichavaram from Pondy was picturesque. We stopped enroute at a few local south Indian joints for lunch.

As we’d left late in the morning, we reached Pichavaram sometime in the afternoon. Pichavaram mangrove forests are managed by Tamilnadu tourism. The tickets for a boat ride are quite reasonable I must say, priced based on distance in kms (for e.g. 1 km, 2 km, 4 km etc.). We booked a 2 km ride within the mangroves to get a glimpse of what the forests are like, and opted row boats. Row boats can sneak out in narrow spaces too 🙂

The helmsman convinced us that he would enlighten our souls with much better landscapes on condition that we pay him a little more. The people with me happily agreed and, in a short while, we started feeling like a part of some bollywood movie. I am quite surprised not even a handful bollywood movies have been shot here till date. This is purely based on the information given by the helmsman, Rajasundaram. Each lane that the boat passed was covered with vast, huge, dense mangroves and had a contrasting view from the front and rear end. We were pleased to meet a few locals on the way-swimming in the shallow water and trying to catch some sea creatures like crabs, shrimps etc. found here in plenty along with water snakes. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so see for yourself.

A couple of hours passed by in a jiffy, and we were back at our destination. Mr. Rajasundaram was happy to wave us goodbye with a big smile on his face 🙂

No souvenirs, no shopping. Just be with yourself and groove with nature at its best.

Picture Credits: 1) Jolly helmsman 2) Shrimps, Crabs, Fishes- Saba Anjum


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