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An Encounter With Historic Patan…

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Paragliding: Expect the Unexpected!

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Up South 2: Captivating Coorg

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Up South 1: Majestic Mysuru

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All Posts | November 2016

A Day Well Spent in Auroville

By on November 3, 2016
I’d heard a lot about Pondicherry from all different people. Also, it was a long time wish to treat my eyes with that French architecture and a lot more that makes Pondy what it is. But to my surprise, I ended up discovering Auroville too during my trip to Pondy, and this was a soul-stirring discovery. So yeah, this article is exclusively meant for the wonders in Auroville.

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All Posts | October 2016

Discover Hingolgadh-Where life feels at home with nature

By on October 4, 2016

As travellers, we always look for short breaks and getaways. But why not get a getaway close to home?

Well, this is a story about a small village somewhere in Saurashtra region of Gujarat.. a story of surprises that nature can give us! The story of a beautiful wildlife sanctuary and some astonishing life experiences there… A story that will definitely make you add this place to your bucket list.

Hingolgadh is a royal village situated near Rajkot and easily accessible by road. It even has a campsite, a castle and a museum. What is so special? In one word, nature. Do you want to know more about my experiences here? What are the options available and things to do?

My travel post on Hingolgadh has been published by You will be able to learn more and have a fun virtual trip.

Do check it out here:

Click here to view the article!
Discover all about Hingolgadh..As it is rightly said, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’.

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All Posts | September 2016

What is Travel for you?

By on September 17, 2016

Hey there!

Needless to say, writing and travelling are two completely different domains of life.

So how did I, being an educator, a traveller-land up in this? Well, this is a platform that helps me express my thoughts with you all. And as a by-product, you all might even discover some offbeat destinations, which you haven’t come across so far.

For me, travelling is something that re-energizes (well, that’s one of the firsts). Many things can add to the former list like giving a feeling of adrenaline rush, relaxation, adventure etc. As it is rightly quoted, ‘It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey to get there.’ For some people, to travel is to find a place for doing great yoga. Well, so be it! While I was visiting some places like Kolad, Hingolgadh and Gir-it was an amazing mode of self-discovery. Over time, I let go of many fears, and have found the adventurer in me. The non-swimmer me out of a raft in Kolad, to discover that the water was 20 feet deep. And now, I feel I can just try anything and everything till I don’t feel I’m gonna die the next minute!

I hope you too discover some traits of yourself through this blog, or may be just relate to. Well, what is travel for you?

Do drop in your comments 🙂

Manali trek
Have fun with life!


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