November 2017

Paragliding: Expect the Unexpected!

Adventure Sports, something that I’ve always felt like going for, and relishing the adrenaline rush. Yes, there are terms and conditions to reach to that level of adventure. But ultimately, the ones who have experienced it would vouch for thoroughly enjoy the thrill. In this post, I’ll be talking about my recent experience on paragliding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Paragliding is a sport in which we glide from a slope or a height, attached to a parachute and a harness. Once we reach a particular height, we experience a free fall (like a flight that lands) and come back to the ground. We are accompanied by a pilot.

My friend was very keen to go for this adventure, and frankly I was not. However, I thought to give her company (partners in crime:)). We tried inquiring for a Paragliding experience in the Jodhpur city. Surprisingly, there was hardly anyone who knew about it. Eventually, we got in touch with Mr. Samarth Sharma from SkyVentures and confirmed a morning slot on the New Year Day, post Diwali.

The D-Day

Like early risers, we got ready and left to meet Mr. Samarth at his office. He was also our paragliding guide. Mr. Samarth was very kind to offer us a ride till the paragliding spot. The spot was located about 65 km far from Jodhpur in Korna, Rajasthan. En route, we spotted some beautiful birds and deers. You feel great when you spot an animal, unexpectedly.

A few team mates joined Mr Samarth. Technically, they were villagers trained to handle the equipments and the rest. After checking the wind intensity and direction, they started doing the necessary preparations for the flight. It was interesting to see how they used traditional methods like using sand to check the wind. I was the first one to fly, being the lighter one amongst the two of us. The harness was tied, safety checks were done and we were good to go. The guide was accompanying me as the co-pilot on the flight.

Preparation Time!

Gliding from a flat land is different compared to that from a mountain. The launch was easy, with a few steps and hydraulic attached to the jeep. In a few moments, I started flying was already in the air. Frankly, I was busier enjoying the view than worrying about anything else. The trees, desert, a bit of grass around and even the animals looked tad bit tiny!

It was an awe-inspiring experience. I felt like I was flying like a bird, but I was not in an airplane. I was out, open in the air, free-falling. The flight was at a height of about 1100 ft. Well, pictures would describe more than words.

The Unexpected Delays

My gliding was smoothly completed. And then the unexpected occurred. The wind was continuously changing directions due to which, my friend was not able to complete her flight till the afternoon. After repeated attempts and a change of gliding spot, finally we could complete only two flights by noon. Oh, we’d left Jodhpur with the thought of coming home by 11.00! So you can never predict what is going to happen next, and there are adventures within adventures sometimes.

We were thankful to Mr. Samarth and his team for arranging lunch for us in a village home, it was mouth-watering delicious food!

Yum food!

After a long time, we’d sat under a Neem tree on a rope-bed and had lunch. It was a lifetime experience. Then the day ended up with transfer of data and a nice coffee at Mr. Samarth’s place.

What an adventurous and awesome day it was! I’ll see you soon talking about experiences from Rajasthan and the love of its people 🙂

Some Do’s and Dont’s of Paragliding:

  1. Carry some light snacks and enough water with you
  2. Be prepared to spend some energy for the launch, do not go empty stomach
  3. Do not look down when you’re flying, it may make you feel dizzy
  4. Carry sun glasses, cap etc. to protect yourself from the sun
  5. Enjoy the flight and view!
  6. Above all, follow the instructions

Website link- SkyVentures:

Pictures Courtesy: Saba Anjum, Samarth Sharma

An educator by profession, traveller by heart. Dwelling in some corner of India-the land of vivid colours. Every journey we travel is a story to be treasured :)

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