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Up South 2: Captivating Coorg

At times beautiful places make memories, at times wonderful people do. Sometimes both.

Coorg, I do not need to talk much about the beauty of this place as it is a very famous tourist spot. What I will talk about here, is how to explore the offbeat part of Coorg.

A few tips for starters are-keep a flexible itinerary and be prepared to explore by walking or trek. Carry comfortable footwear and an umbrella/raincoat.

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, located in the western ghats of southwestern region of Karnataka. It is a pleasant region with a relatively humid climate. This was our major destination for the recent South India trip. We ended up spending 5 days here!


Coorg is a luscious green district. Even if you just go for a drive around, you will find coffee and pepper plantations, diverse flora including different colours of wildflower, roses and so on. Amidst coffee and pepper plantations, you even have cocoa, betel nut and of course palm trees. The road to Coorg is a scenic view, do not miss clicking some beautiful pictures en route. Coorg is also known for its spices, homemade wines, chocolates, sandal and coffee.
We moved to Coorg from Bengaluru and were welcomed by showers. Our resort, Coffee Cadu estate was located in Suntikoppa. 


We got down at Suntikoppa and the owner Sumati m’m was kind enough to send her jeep for a pickup. After ordering some lunch, we freshened up and moved to the cafeteria. The cafeteria served to be our hangout place whenever we were at the resort. We used to play music, plan our itineraries, enjoy the bonfire, chat and of course enjoy some yummy breakfast. Speaking of which, we had the most delicious breakfast here during the entire trip. The homestay served us noorputtu, appam, idli, dosa and medu wadas!

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This resort was more of a homestay. It is situated amidst coffee plantations of robusta and arabica variety, as well as pepper plantations. All the cottages are made of wood, and the smell of wood makes you feel great. The amenities inside every room are well-arranged, and the staff is very friendly. However, be aware of this fact that they do not believe in intercoms. So you can get things done when you go to the cafeteria, or stay in touch with Sumati m’m. Sumati m’m is very prompt in responding and provides the needed guidance even for your trip.

The cafeteria is managed by a few people and they make some real good coffee (from the in-house plantations). We barbarically bombarded them with loads of orders, but they always responded with a smile.

The best part is, you can pick any trail and go for a trek around the coffee plantation here, relish the beauty. Or sit in the cafeteria and admire those plantations, watch people harvesting pepper seeds.

There are many luxury homestays and resorts in Coorg district.

Things to Do in Coorg

If you type this in TripAdvisor, you’ll get several options. Our trip to Coorg commenced in summers, so will suggest options accordingly.

Visit the Coffee Plantations:

If you are fortunate like me to stay in such a resort,  you get to do this over and over again. However in Coorg, coffee plantation visits are considered to be one of the most unique experiences and charged a high fare. Our morning walks, evening treks etc. were all devoted to coffee plantations. Each day, we used to pick a surrounding estate and go for a walk. En route, we witnessed some breathtaking views of surrounding areas and said hello to some different flora and faunas. Nevertheless, the pictures speak more.

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Sightseeing around Madikeri:

Madikeri is the main town in Coorg district. It is also the place where some good restaurants are located for eating out.

Once you reach Madikeri, you could go for sightseeing to places like Raja’s seat, Madikeri fort, Abbey falls, Nisargadhama etc. We covered these places around Kushalnagar region in a day-

*Dubare Elephant Camp: A place where elephants are reared and taken care of, located near Cauvery river. We crossed the river and reached the campsite. It is a  must visit for elephant lovers, where we can make elephants bathe and feed them. This place is usually crowded with tourists.

*Tibetian Monastery/Namdroling Monastery: A big tibetian monastery in Kushalnagar area of Coorg. It is a peaceful place whith huge idols of Buddha Amiyatus, Guru Padmasambhava and Buddha Shakyyamuni. Do keep enough time in hand and spend it in peace here. A good couple of hours are required for the entire monastery visit.

*Nisargadhama: An island formed by river Cauvery. The river view is beautiful. They also have a deer park, and a shopping centre here. It was a fun visit.

Do bargain for bulk purchases especially for coffee and spices. This was the only place in Coorg where we could find instant coffee. They also have a wide range of homemade wines.

We skipped the rest and chose to go to Mandalpatti instead, after interacting with Sumati m’m.


Loacated 22 km away from Madikeri, this is a viewpoint in the Pushpagiri hill range, 1400 m above sea level. The drive is on an unpaved road, so be ready for a roller coaster ride. It is worth the pain as the view is mesmerising and atmosphere is super pleasant. If you love trekking, you can even choose to get down from your vehicle somewhere halfway and just move along the path to enjoy the scenic beauty. You belong to the clouds here!
Please note that this viewpoint closes for visiting strictly by 6 pm so better keep up with time.

Iruppu Falls:

The only waterfalls which you can not only see, but also indulge yourself in. The falls are a beauty, coming from a mountain about 32 m high and joining the Cauvery river. These falls are on the way to Nagarhole and about a couple of hours away from Mysore, so this could be a last day stop in your trip itinerary.

To reach these falls, there is a 700 m trek which is an easy one. A lot of locals also visit these falls so early morning and weekdays could be the best time.


Trekking within the forests of Coorg could be an amazing experience. More on our trek to Nishani Motte in the next article.

Nagarhole National Park:

This is a national park located closer to Iruppu falls and Mysore. The safaris are arranged in buses, each safari is 1.5 hours long. We could spot elephants, tons of deers and a few other animals like monkeys and mongooses. Unfortunately, neither the bison nor the tiger came in the vicinity. As most of you must be knowing, safaris are completely a matter of fortune. Additionally, another important part of any safari is understanding a forest.

We moved on to Mysuru post this Safari.

Coorg is thus an amalgamation of relaxation, luxury and adventure. We will always cherish the morning walks and wonderful interactions with local residents here.

Hope you’ll liked this article. See you soon 🙂

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